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How Much Does Piano Storage Cost?

Piano storage has to be provided to the customers in the most appropriate manner. The Piano is not only an instrument but an investment that you need to value until the end. Most of the piano storage units are climate-controlled and might have cement floors and something very little to heat up and avoid any harm to the pianos. So, these musical instruments need to be stored at such places for a couple of days or years, as it all depends on your needs and preferences.

Things to know about piano storage and cost

  • One thing that you should know is that the stored pianos are the ones that are wrapped into heavy duty blankets in order to protect them. These instruments are polished well before they are delivered to the customers if they have been stored for longer than one month.
  • Your piano will be fully insured in our hands. No need to worry as you are in safe hands. Whenever you go out for them to check out the piano storage cost, you need to keep in mind that the pianos are not being stored in the basements or garages or the storage units that are not climate controlled, because the cement floors and the walls have umpteen amount of moisture that might damage the musical instrument.
  • So, if the piano is stored in this type of environment, it will lead to rust and corroding of the material of the musical instrument.
  • During the winter time, the heat has to be at least 60 degrees in the place wherever it is stored. So, if the piano is kept in the uncontrolled climates, it will crack up the wood underneath it which will respond to changes in the instrument.
  • The interior will damage along with the wood. If you have a grand piano, it will be taken by the movers with its legs and the bench separately wrapped. The estimated value and the appraised value of the instrument needs to be disclosed at the time of picking up the piano.
  • Also, there will be full insurance coverage that will be included in the storage rate. So, at the time of the movement to the storage place or the warehouse, the moving charges along with the one month of storage is collected by the staff.
  • Soon, after this, a particular bill for every three months is maintained. It all depends on the time for which you need your piano to be stored. Also, if you want the piano out of your house to the storage location for about four weeks or for remodeling it or something, the scenario will be completely different. The base rate has to be paid while moving the grand piano along with some extras in case of the stairs or the mileage along with the warehouse charges.

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