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How To Move A Piano Across The Room Safely?

It’s holiday season and you are to clean your house. You have to move a lot of heavy things from one room to another. You need to rearrange your furniture. There are a lot of things you can move on your own. However, some placements are crucial. Moving a piano across the room is a different story. Moving a piano is tricky.   

Moving a piano is a risky deal. It can be dangerous if you are moving without hiring professional movers. For your safety and safety of your instrument, you should hire professional piano movers. There are special tools and equipment required to move a piano from one floor to another floor. You have to be extra careful when you are moving a piano through a very tight space. If you have required tools and you have moved a piano in the past, you can undertake this job if the piano is to be moved a few feets or a room away. Here is how you can move a piano across a room safely.

Prepare your instrument and path

First of all, you need to prepare your piano for the job and then the path you will follow and finally the room the instrument will be moved into. Make sure that there is nothing on the piano. Close the lid. Clear the path. Remove rugs, carpets and every piece of furniture from the path. Take accurate measurements of the doorway or space in the path. You might end up damaging your property and the instrument as well. Grand pianos usually have wheels. So, when you are moving a grand piano having wheels, you can move it easily across the room. In case your instrument does not have wheels, you need to remove its legs before moving it to the destination. As compared to a grand piano, an upright piano is easier to move because of its size and weight. However, it does not mean that you can take it lightly. An upright piano can fall sideways.   

Bring piano moving tools and supplies

You need a piano dolly to move it safely and easily, especially when you are moving a grand piano having no wheels. However, you need some helping hands to support the sides of the instrument while moving it on the trolly. Using moving pads and straps will increase the safety of the instrument. Strap down the lid when you are moving the instrument on its side. Falling lids can damage the piano. It might also hurt someone near the instrument. Walls, furniture or any other object can damage the exterior of the instrument. So, make use of moving pads/blankets. Unpreparedness can cause damage to the instrument or property or it can also cause an injury. So, better to be over-prepared.

Once you have moved the instrument to its destination, unload it safely. It’s your house. You know whether you can move a piano in that space or not. If you can’t move a piano, you can rely on professional piano movers. It is not all about moving an instrument. It is about your safety and the safety of the instrument.

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