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How To Move and Store a Piano Safely?

Once you buy a piano, it’s moving and storage is something you can’t neglect. Not only many people overlook its safety but that’s the main reason why the keyboard doesn’t sustain similar sound production. An abandoned piano is no more than just a musical instrument prone to rust. Rust, for a piano, is moisturizer in the air and if it catches a considerable amount, you won’t find it as useful as brand new. 


So, if you want safety while moving and storage of your precious musical instrument, only a professional piano mover can seamlessly guarantee the same. Here are a few tips and tricks we always follow while moving and storage. Go through each of them for a better understanding. 

Piano moving

It’s ubiquitous to make mistakes when you need to relocate as the piano is just another piece of furniture.  Contacting us will put you in a situation to only supervise the professional services while the experts carry out their task. It’s because of the following points we ensure while moving. 


  • We always employ qualified hands. It’s because we are a licensed piano moving firm and our team is experienced enough to handle the complicated tasks. Throw anything on them and they will welcome it with both hands. 
  • The services we provide are insured and authorized. To handle an instrument as heavy as a piano, you can never eliminate the chances of damage. An insured piano moving service bears any loss if it arises in the process of transit. 
  • Wrapping up the piano is another critical point. The padding must be sufficient and the tape must not touch the polished surface of a piano. The piano we move is covered with a thick blanket which is protective enough to reduce the effect of bumps and shocks on the way. 
  • Accommodating the piano in the carrier truck is the most complicated task. While lifting, we ensure that the weight doesn’t overburden the piano’s fragile legs. We use a special dolly along with tightened straps to never let go of the piano even in the complicated staircases and during loading and unloading.
  • The carrier truck must have enough space to accommodate the large piano. The insides of the truck must be adequately padded, just like the piano. 
  • We try and confirm the condition of your piano just when it is delivered. Although, with our experience, even minor damages are very rare. 


Piano storage

Just as moving is essential, there can be a time gap between pickup and delivery. So, piano storage tips come into play with adequate warehousing facilities. Here are a few. 

  • The storage warehouse has to be climate controlled. The material of the piano is susceptible to temperature and humidity. 
  • The room where a piano is stored must be large enough to accommodate the giant instrument. An upright piano is meant to be kept upright on its legs. We do not store the piano on its sides. 
  • Just before storage, the piano must be cleaned with appropriate piano polish. The cleaning process for the keys is different as polish doesn’t work on them. We use a damp cloth all across the keys.
  • We cover the piano with a cotton sheet which keeps the dust away. Not only dirt, but subtle environmental changes are inevitable on the piano. So, this cover keeps everything away and while the piano settles in cocoon-like structure. 
  • Our recommendation is to allow the piano to settle into its new environment for a few days and get it tuned just when it is delivered. 

Everything said, you can only save your long term piano moving and storage cost if you invest in a skilled facility with good customer reviews. The humongous instrument is as delicate as its size. Subtle steps from your side will keep it as brand new forever.


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