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How To Take Care Of A Grand Piano While Moving And Storing It?

Prevention is better than cure not only when you are to take care of your body but also when you are to take care of your instrument. When you go for grand piano storage, taking some preventive measures can protect your instrument from a lot of potential damages. Whether you need some valuable information for baby grand piano storage or a concert grand piano storage,  we’ve got everything covered for you. And, here we go.

Wrap It In Blankets And Shrink Wrap

First of all, find a set of heavy-duty padded cloth blankets, a durable one. You need this set to prevent the wooden frame of the instrument from coming in contact with anything in the truck while moving or when you are moving it in the storage. Remove the legs of your piano and wrap the entire instrument. Cover key slip as well. Wrap the entire body of the piano in shrink wrap and then add on the blanket layer. This will protect your piano from dust, fingerprint and other elements.      

If you are planning for a short period grand piano storage then it is absolutely fine to wrap it with shrink wrap. When you are planning for a long period baby grand piano storage, you should remove the shrink wrap. The plastic will stick to the body and it is not easy to remove that.             

After covering the body of your instrument, secure the blanket with heavy-duty straps and fasten straps with a buckle.

Use a Humidifier

It is important to protect the instrument from changing temperatures and humidity level, even when it is perfectly wrapped in a heavy-duty blanket. Don’t ignore it. Varying temperature and humidity can affect the performance of the piano. So, find a good device that can control the climate inside the storage. However, when you are hiring professional movers for moving and storage, you can sit back without worrying and let them do their job.    

Train the Instrument For the New Environment

When you are moving your piano to a new location, the weather at the new location might be entirely different from the environment you have here. There will be a different level of humidity and maybe temperature control will also be limited. Here is what you can do.

Reach out a piano moving and storage company near you and ask any question surfaced in your mind. They will tell you about the right humidity levels and temperature for the instrument. This way you can train the instrument for the new environment. With temperature control unit and humidifier, you can create that environment in your house. This will prepare your instrument for handling long term storage.

Purchase Insurance For Your Piano

Whether you are moving it or storing it, you cannot ignore the possibility of accidents. What if the climate or the humidity control unit stops working? What if the piano is not handled correctly? Not only protect it, get insurance coverage as well.    

Hire professional piano movers

Shall you buy climate and humidity control units, piano straps, shrink wrap and a special blanket to move or store your instrument? How often you move or store your piano? If you are going to do it only for once, you will save a lot of money by hiring professionals offering piano moving and storage services.

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