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What Are The Benefits Of Availing Professional Piano Storage Services?

Finally, you’ve got time to implement the vacation plan you promised your kids. It’s a two-week long family vacation. Who will take care of your grand piano when you are gone? You can count on a local piano shipping company offering piano storage services. A grand piano is a big delicate instrument providing you with superb quality and rich sound experience. If you are considering storing your piano in some clean corner of your house, you are making a mistake. Even when you have installed a device that can maintain a consistent level of humidity and temperature in the room, there is no one to check the instrument on a regular basis. They are not going to store your piano free of cost.

You will have to pay a decent amount of money. However, your grand piano is an expensive musical instrument. Some burglar can take advantage of your absence and can cause some damage to your instrument. However, the best piano storage facilities are monitored 24/7. There are experienced professionals to maintain the piano in the best shape. There are several benefits of professional piano storage services including:

They Will Clean Your Piano

Before you put your instrument into piano storage, it is good to make sure that it is free from dirt and dust. Some of the professionals offering piano storage services clean the instrument before storing. They make sure that all the casters are tight. They also take notes in case there is some imperfection in the instrument.                    


They Will Tune The Instrument

The tune of the instrument is often changed depending on the conditions in which it is kept. However, the tune of the piano is also changed when you are moving it from your place to the storage facility. Professionals will tune before storing and after delivering it to your place.


They Will Cover It With Fabric

Keeping it covered with plastic keeps it clean in the storage. However, it can cause some damage as well. Therefore, it is important to store the piano in an upright position. They cover the piano with a few blankets to protect it from dirt and dust particles. These particles entering an unused instrument can affect its inner working.


They Will Use Climate-controlled Unit

The entire body and the majority of the internal parts are made from wood. This material shrinks or swells depending on the temperature. This swelling or shrinking can change the tune of your piano. Changes in temperature and humidity level can also deteriorate the finish of the instrument. This is the reason why professionals use special climate-controlled units to regulate humidity and temperature in the piano storage unit.

A piano is one of the most expensive musical instruments. Whether you are moving it or storing it, always count on professionals.

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