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What Are The Dangers Of DIY Piano Moving?

The piano is an expensive musical instrument that demands great care and skills to relocate. It is unsafe to move it on your own. Mishandling can cause permanent damage to the instrument. 

You can save some money by not hiring professional piano movers. However, the piano moving cost is less than the amount you will have to spend on repair or replacement of a damaged part. So, why take the risk? It is good to undertake some small DIY projects. However, the piano is a big and heavy musical instrument. This is not a small project. 

It takes a professional touch to prepare and move a piano.  If you are still considering DIY piano moving, make sure that you are aware of the dangers involved in this project. 



It is a delicate musical instrument having many intricate working components. Your lack of caution can lead to costly repairs. It can also cause damage that is beyond repair. You might have to invest in a new piano. Do you have time, money and other resources for that? 

One small miscalculation can cause big damage to the instrument or the property. You might end up with broken door frames, dinged walls and scratched floors. You should be ready for paying hefty maintenance bills if you live in a rental property. 

On the other hand, when you are hiring professionals well-versed in preparation and moving, you do not need to worry about these damages. Their ability to do the job safely and efficiently gives you the peace of mind. This also makes sure that your piano will be moved to your new location without any damage. 



Think again if you are planning to load the instrument in a small car. Don’t forget to consider the size and weight of the piano. Handling it improperly can cause major injuries. Your treatment bills will be more than piano moving cost. You might also hurt your kids or pets. 

There are some special equipment and tools required for lifting, loading, moving and unloading the instrument safely. Using these equipment and tools minimizes the risk of injury or damage. Professional piano movers have heavy-duty piano straps, dollies and other equipment and tools. So, no one will be injured. 



Improper handling and transport can cause damage or injury and this can lead to a lawsuit as well. This is not good for your reputation. This can also ruin your relationships. 



Why are you considering DIY piano moving? Is it because you want to save the piano moving cost? However, do you know how many helping hands you need to handle your grand piano weighing more than 1000 lbs? Do you know that the dolly can handle the weight of the instrument? There are several other uncertainties involved in this job. 

So, play safe. Rely on professional piano movers.  

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