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Why Is My Piano Out-of-tune?

You have not purchased your grand piano for a sour sound. Your piano is out of tune. You might think that there is no way you can practice today. However, you can call someone offering piano moving services. They can tune your piano. So, you need not to worry. It is good for you if you know the root cause of this problem. This knowledge can help you in preventing this problem. You can maintain your instrument in the best shape to enjoy great sound every day of the year. Following are the three things that make your piano sound out of tune.

Normal Use

Piano out-of-tune is a good sign. Yes, it is. It is a delicate instrument that often changes slightly with use. So, if it is out-of-tune, you are playing your piano a lot. You are filling the space with music. However, this musical instrument can also go out-of-tune if you don’t play it. So, don’t leave the instrument alone for long periods of time. Just like a guitar, saxophone or any other musical instrument, you need to maintain your piano as well. You can prolong the life of your piano by addressing the tuning issue. If you have moved to your new place and your piano is still in your previous home, find the best piano movers in East Bay and move it to your new place. Don’t leave it untouched. Piano movers can tune your instrument. Start playing again.

Changes In Weather

A piano is an instrument made with natural wood. Wood is susceptible to changing weather and humidity level. When the moisture content is high in the air, wood absorbs moisture and starts expanding. This expands the casing of the instrument altering its sound. Piano strings are slacked during warmer and drier months. This can also change the tune of your piano. So, you should act wisely while choosing a location to place your instrument. There should be no open air vents and windows in your piano room. Never expose this majestic instrument to sunlight.       

Jostling Around Your Piano

When it comes to moving a piano to another room or some other city, you may not be expert enough to do the job. If you are not equipped with the right tools, knowledge and experience, don’t try DIY piano move. Mishandling can not only cause physical damage but it can change the tune as well. Always hire a company offering piano moving services. Even when the company is claiming that it has years of experience, you must verify the claims of the company.     

As you already know that changes in weather can change your piano’s tune. You cannot move it in any vehicle. Professional piano movers in East Bay have vehicles in which weather control systems are installed. These systems maintain the right temperature and humidity level in the truck. So, also hire reputed piano movers. A reputed company also offers unmatched customer services.




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