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5 things About The Complexities Involved in Professional Piano Moving

Almost everyone understands the complexities involved in moving a piano and choosing a piano moving company. It can impose a large burden on your shoulders sometimes but most of the times the answer is right in front. There are some frequently asked questions by customers who look for some general solutions. This is to solve all those complexities starting right from the basics to the most specific issues. These are some doubts of most customers which they want to ask their piano movers directly. 


Getting a piano moving quote

It’s as simple as just communicating. You need to fulfill all the details required by the piano moving company so that the accuracy of the quote is on par with the actual amount. This communication is very important to assess what all resources in terms of machinery and man would be required. The piano moving services have to be sure that no other expenses are charged while moving. 


The technique of moving the piano

It’s mostly the work of 2-3 people picking up the instrument and stuffing it into the vehicle. The number of people carrying your piano can differ according to the complexities involved. There are various equipment which assist in moving the piano including pads, skid plates, shrink wraps, ramps etc. Once the piano movers assess your exact situation, they outline the technique to do it safely. 


The need for professional piano moving

You need to start making some decisions regarding what all would be required for an activity as complex as moving a piano. Although, the skill and experience of the piano mover in East Bay can differ according to the complex nature of the job. There is always an added set of skills required to move such a heavy instrument which can weigh up to 1000 pounds. Not having the correct equipment and skill to move can lead to serious damage to the instrument and your own health. 


Piano tuning after transportation

It is very important for your piano to be tuned just after it is transported. The piano has to adjust according to the new environment which takes a bit of time. Generally, the time period is two weeks until the piano is fully tuned and ideal for the new conditions. 


The cost of moving a piano

There are different ways of assessing the cost. Some piano movers will charge on a flat rate system and some will have variable charges for different conditions. Most of them take into account the difficulty to move, the distance, the terrain and the space available, etc. All these factors sum up to accumulate one number you need to pay. 


Your supervision while moving the piano

It’s mostly not required but for your own satisfaction, you can supervise the working of professional piano movers. One thing you need to concentrate on is to book these services well in advance so that any contingencies can be acted upon. It’s better to read the situation way before the actual day of moving. 


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