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Services Involved in Professional Piano Moving

Piano moving companies primarily specialize in moving large devices considering their delicacy. It’s the training which makes them more specialized rather than the quantum of people handling the instrument. Your piano is one priceless instrument to you which can endeavor for generations to come. No matter what type of piano you have, it’s always close to your heart. Preserving it from all the outside factors making it vulnerable is crucial without even mentioning it. 

But do you know exactly how to do that? We are here to give you an outline of what the services of professional piano movers include. 

Disassembling the piano

One portion of the type of pianos do not require this assembly at all but the other will have to be transported in pieces. We understand the exact techniques to move a particular type, whether it needs disassembling or not and how to do that. It’s all within our circle of thought. 


Using moving equipment skillfully

Pianos have their own wheels. But when you attempt to roll its weight on them, you will realize that they are not worth moving the device even for one room. These are just to give some flexibility to an upright piano to adjust for a few inches. Piano moving equipment are all that we have to protect and move the device. These equipment are meant to bear the heavyweight. Dedicated workers strive to protect the instrument while moving. They are specially trained to operate those equipment carefully. 


Moving a Piano and its subparts

As mentioned above, many types of pianos can be disassembled for better control while transportation. For a professional piano mover, nothing is too big. It’s about making the most out of the appropriate equipment available and your instrument is through. The reassembling is done once the piano reaches the destination and that is to make it ready for tuning. 


Storage services

Piano storage requires servicemen to keep it away from depreciation. How do they do that? There are certain situations when your house doesn’t have space for piano and you require it out of it immediately. Conditioning the piano during that time is very important as it can usually affect its value. As a rational customer, you need to make sure that the piano storage cost is much lower than the depreciation charged on your instrument.


Local or long-distance piano moving

There is not much of a difference in local or long distance piano moving but your piano movers need to be aware of the distance right from the beginning. It means that the packaging, transportation and the personnel might be different for different distances to be traveled. 


Reassembling the piano

It’s obvious that once the piano is delivered, the reassembly is also the responsibility of your piano mover. Before delivering it to the desired place, the piano has to be set up as it was before picking up. 

The piano moving cost is the sum total of all those services. Don’t sacrifice anything that you’re entitled to and this list is a boost to ask your concerns to anyone you call for piano moving. 


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